This platform enables virtual exhibition activities. Different from one-way video calls, virtual exhibitions involve more different elements, including networking (social contact), trade show (trade exhibition), and different companies need to be contacted. EventXtra's virtual exhibition solution can provide one-stop services, including event registration forms, instant event reports, etc., to create personalized virtual exhibitions for customers




    這個平台可以進行虛擬展覽活動。有別於單向進行視像通話,虛擬展覽牽涉更多不同元素,包括networking(社交聯繫)、trade show(貿易展覽會),需要聯絡不同公司。EventXtra的虛擬展覽解決方案,可提供一站式服務,包括活動登記表、即時活動報告等,為客戶打造個人化虛擬展覽